Peter Pan Plast

Since 1979 we have been designing and manufacturing our polythene and mater-bi bags and sacs for food preservation, waste collection and many other uses. Our products are made entirely in Italy.


The most important part of our project is to satisfy the consumer’s needs thanks to precision, prompt reply to any request and a wide range of high quality products.


We founded Peter Pan Plast in 1979 and since then we have aimed at the creation of new products, the use of high-perfomance materials and the research of new markets, supported by a global and integrated Quality System oriented to continuous improvement.


We have a great passion for technological innovation, which drove us to constantly renovate our machinery inventory, providing the company with cutting edge production devices that grant us a production capacity expansion.


We have renovated the warehouse management system with automatized storage locations and a dedicated software, so that we can optimize space and ensure the traceability of the whole production.


Pet products

Scented hygienic roll bags for pets, with no drop star bottom seal and nr°10 absorbent wipes, in reclosable packaging with display box.

Genius, the fridge-freezer bag dispenser in roll with adhesive clips.

Re-closable dispenser in PET with spout that eases the tear of one single bag.

Handy covers in rolls

Printed and scented covers in roll for shoes with decorations and closing flap, in a reclosable case.

Food preservation bags in a case

Bags for food preservation in a case, produced with a high quality triple-layer co-extruded polythene, extremely resistant.